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He started a degree that he did not complete but that didn’t stop Fady Hanna from fulfilling his entrepreneurial dreams, owning and directing one of the Gold Coast’s most successful branding and marketing companies. 

Hanna is the director and founder of Flagship Digital – a Gold Coast headquartered business that in its worst performing year grew revenue by 120 per cent.

The business now employs more than 16 staff and has offices in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

Hanna says while the business experiences up to 300 per cent growth each year, the number of clients the business works with isn’t growing at a comparable rate.

“We have never had the type of business model where we go out and chase a thousand clients,” he says.

“We work with a small amount of clients and get them amazing results and in return they reinvest in Flagship.”

Hanna says the business was founded with a real focus on return on investment for clients.

“There were a lot of agencies out there and I feel like the focus was very misguided,” says Hanna.

“It was from a creative point of view – it was colours and fonts and logos – but nothing that changed the return on investment or changed the bottom line for a client.

“I really wanted to change that around. And same from a marketing point of view – stats are great but if they actually aren’t yielding anything for a client then it is a pointless campaign.

“I asked myself – what would an investment firm look like that operated within branding and marketing. It was something unique to the market and something I thought was a great opportunity. That birthed Flagship Digital and the growth we have seen since its establishment is testament to that concept working.”

Flagship Digital works with a range of clients including Virgin Money, BMW and Groupon.

The business offers a smorgasbord of services including developing targeted lead generation campaigns; creating demographically targeted email marketing programs and crafting effective SEO packages.

Hanna says as a lead generation company, Flagship Digital generates more than 200,000 qualified leads for its clients every month predominantly on a cost per lead basis.

This success has seen Fady Hanna win numerous awards including Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year – an event run by Business News Australia.

He says awards and recognition add to the success of his business.

“The Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur awards are about creating less of a network and more of a family of businesses on the Gold Coast that are really creating waves and achieving things,” he says.

We Are Gold Coast sat down with Hanna to find out his top five business tips for entrepreneurs.

Watch the video below to get an insight into the mind of Hanna…

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